Before you go…

January 5, 2008

My best friend, ‘K’ moved this week.

To Texas.

I’m in NY.

That’s a long distance.

I am so saddened by this development.

But I saw her yesterday. And we got a chance to really say ‘see ya soon‘. We hugged and reminisced and made sure to plan my upcoming visit to Texas with Fa. We laughed like usual and gossiped about friends, old and new.

I am going to miss her terribly.

But she moved to Alabama when we were in High School and we remained “BFF’s” all through the turmoil that that move brought us.

We have so much in common that we truly are like sisters. We know each other for 27 years. That’s a long time. She really is the sister I never had.

And I love her.


I pray this move is happy for her and brings her much joy. I pray her and her family find peace in their new state and I pray that we remain as close as we are this very minute. I pray we never lose this closeness and I pray she keeps our memories dear, as I will, always.

And I pray she knows I will always love her.

Before you go ‘K’…read my mind…and know I love you forever.




  1. Awwwww honey. That was so sweet. If Texas wasn’t such a massively insanely huge state, I’d tell you to come visit me when you come visit her. But chances of her being near me… slim.
    This was beautiful and sad. What a wonderful thing to have had a friend for so long and to have been through so much, sounds like y’all have a bond that can easily survive a few thousand miles.
    Just get Skype! you’d be amazed!!! It’s how my dad and I talked when he was living in Australia.

  2. That sucks. i’m sorry she has to move.

  3. What a nice post. You two are so beautiful.

    Let me tell you, I’ve got BFF’s in a few different states and we chat each day on email & texting. We get to see each other a couple of times a year. It takes lots of planning and saving but we’re so important to each other that the sacrafice is worth it.

    I hope you get to see her soon. I get to see my BFF’s in March! 11 weeks and counting!

  4. Aw, that sucks. I’m so sorry she’s moving, but real friends are forever. And there are always flights, right?

  5. Awww, I know a small thing like distance will not strain the friendship. And it’ll be fun always having someone and someplace fun to visit! *hugs*

  6. You sounded so upset yesterday I had to come & check on you. Think positive. When it’s 30 below in NY, it will certainly be about 61 here, so you can escape the bitter cold for a visit. And, when it’s 101 here, she can head your way to escape the heat.

  7. That was so sweet.
    Hugs xx

  8. I’m sure you two will keep in touch.

    I’m glad to hear that your friend was blessed to have the opportunity to live in Alabama, even if it was just for a short while.

  9. Our state will welcome you any time!!!

  10. Sounds like you have the kind of friendship that will weather a move across the country! Look at you guys, so cute!

    And, my “bff” since I was 4 years old moved to Florida (I’m in Washington) for a few years and we stayed in touch although I missed her something terrible. Now, she’s back here!

    It’ll be okay.

  11. It is beyond hard when good pals move away. I’ve weathered that myself recently. Thank GOODNESS for the internet and air miles. It’s clear nothing will ever threaten the friendship you two have built. Hang in there, love.

  12. There is NO way a little thing like distance will keep two BFF’s apart! This will just make it even more special when you do get to see her!

    I pray you find peace with the move too!

  13. gasp. I though hubby had gone out of town … phantom limb syndrome can still apply here … HUGSSSSSS I was the one that moved alst and it is so just as hard being the movee …. I am so sorry that your friend is far, but hey we just have to be creative to be good friends and stay in touch, mail cards, presents emails still …. HUGS

  14. I’m in TX … we’ll be waiting for your first visit.

    I’m sure it will be close by 😉

  15. It sounds like you guys know how to stay close even though the miles. You are so lucky to have a BFF for 27 years!

  16. 😦 I’m sorry…what a heartache.

  17. Gah! Texas is a long way from NY. I know what’s it’s like to have BFF’s far away (I have three, two are in SF and one is in Iraq) and I’d KILL to have ANY of them nearby. Best wishes in the adjustment, even though I’m sure you guys will pull through.

    But hey…now you’ve got an excuse to visit Texas, right? (I’ll bet you were just WAITING for an excuse for that, weren’t you?)

  18. Well hey! Texas is a nice place to visit! Especially in winter! (Just trying to look at the bright side, because really…that sucks.)

  19. aw, hon, i’m sorry. i know how hard this must be for you.

    but just consider 21st century technology to be your friend. it keeps me close with those who are far away.

  20. That really sucks. I’ve had so many friends move away. I know how you feel.

  21. Which one is you, which is K?

    Sorry for the loss of close proximity.

  22. That’s sweet!

    It sucks when friends move away. I KNOW!

  23. I know just how you feel.

  24. That’s sad, but thank goodness for technology! Beautiful picture!

  25. I know this is hard for you….but hang in there. Your love for each other will never fade.

  26. You are true BFFs. True BFFs know no distance. But I know you miss her. What a fantastic picture! I hope you have that hanging in your house somewhere!

    BTW, LOVE the new banner!!

  27. oh, this is such a sweet post. i’m sorry your friend is moving far away. atleast we are in the age of blogs, email and webcams!


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