January 7, 2008

I’m still not sure I like it here.

Blogging has become a chore here and I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s WP.

I am not literate enough in CSS to upgrade and really “pimp” my place up and I’m not feeling motivated to write crap here, especially if the place I’m writing the crap doesn’t motivate me.

Or maybe I’m just having a pity party and I’m down.

Any suggestions?

Anyone have any good things to write about?

After all it shouldn’t be about what this place ‘looks like’, but what I have to say. Right?

I’m even ignoring my Reader lately.

Gah. I’m in a slump.

2008 is not starting out nicely, really.

Ignore me…I’ll be happier sooner or later…Or is blogging losing it’s luster?



  1. It ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows sista! I swear I’m gonna quit blogging at times, then something happens and here I still am.

    I can’t say about wordpress. I don’t wanna learn the CSS stuff so I steer clear. Blogspot makes it easy for those of us with chronic brain flatulence.

  2. You could always go back to Blogger, if you liked it better over there. I didn’t like WordPress.com much, either, but for entirely different reasons. I do love full wordpress, but you have to have your own domain and hosting for that. And….it seems I have less readers than I did at my old blogger site, but I am using that as an opportunity to feel more anonymous and basically ‘start over’.

    Definitely give it a break for a while…..if it’s become a chore, it’s hardly worth the time you put into it, IMO. You could always just read your reader when you feel like it, and try to not feel like you HAVE to update if you don’t really want to. Even though I would miss seeing your posts every day!

  3. I’m with Heather, it’s an ebb and a flow thing. How’s the weather there?
    Maybe you could go take a good walk outside? Sunshine does amazing things.
    I moved from WP because I couldn’t figure the blasted thing out. Blogger is so much easier for the backwards at HTML CSS junk. You could try contacting Courtney at theonlythingiknow.com. She’s doing blog designs and stuff now, plus she’s really smart at CSS so maybe she could help you.

    Thank you for your comments on little monkey boy’s first haircut pictures. You would be missed if you left. But just think, when you come to TX to visit your BFF, you’ll get to meet ME and the Monkey and Princess! Promise! There, now aren’t you sufficiently cheered up? No, well damn woman.
    I’m sorry hon.

  4. i have been feeling like blogging has been a bit harder. i feel as if i am just droning on about stupid stuff. but if is my journal that is going to happen. it shouldn’t be pressure…do it for the fun.

  5. i’m with heather on this one. i’m still in the baby stages and am too lame to know any better. someone had to TELL me i needed a feedburner (huh?) and then DO IT FOR ME.

    because i am lame and don’t understand this stuff at all.

    but i DO like blathering on and on.

    and reading your blather as well. don’t stop.

  6. Hope you are feeling more UP soon!

  7. Hang in there. I have my ups and downs with blogging, but I always come back. It is like a home — there for me when I need it and full of lots of support and cool people.

  8. I have a banner for you šŸ™‚ It has been in my head for a while, let me hammer something out in a couple of days … It will cheer you up, promise šŸ˜€

  9. I think you are in a funk cuz your friend moved down south. I am sure you will find your way through it.

    I need you to keep blogging … you are my haiku inspiration!

  10. Sometimes allowing yourself a little break is all the kickstart you need to find inspiration again!

    But, you’re probably still missing your friend, that’s tough. Hang in there.

  11. I was that way before the holidays. Behind in the reader. Not motivated to keep up. Everyone else’s holiday slump gave me the chance to catch up though. Whew.

    You will be okay. We will also be here to hound you šŸ™‚

  12. I’ve been thinking of moving to WordPress. I even actually set it all up and copied all of my blogger posts over there. I’ve played with it a bit… and it just scares me. Blogger seems much more my speed right now.

  13. So far the only issue I’ve had with blogspot is that I can’t seem to add any more sidebar sections. They were there before… and now they’re not. Other than that, they fixed the comments section so now you can leave a comment from any service. I guess they just decided to do it in 2 parts and not bother to tell anyone before they took it away for a bit…
    Keep writing!

  14. I agree with the others that your funk might have more to do with your friend leaving…don’t push it hon. just vent when needed. We will be here waiting and you are worth the wait!!!

  15. Everybody hits a slump now and then. Maybe you just need a break from blogging for a bit.

  16. I love WordPress. I am still learning CSS but as I learn, I find it is actually easier than html. I love to go tag surfing when I want to visit someone new.

  17. It is an ebb and flow thing. It really is. My blogging inspiration comes in wave and I just ride them. When I’m not feeling it, I don’t blog. When I am, I do. Don’t sweat it, Janet. It’ll come.

  18. you know, i’ve been the same way. for me, it’s not WordPress (although it does take more work to pimp than a Blogger blog). i’m finding that the holidays wiped me out, and i just can’t think of anything blog-worthy to write about….it’s pretty much sucking!

    i’m not sure if you’ve gone to the WordPress codex page. there are some great CSS tutorials there. once you get into it, it’s actually pretty easy. you just need to know what you’re looking for.

    if you need help, let me know. my hubby is a CSS genius, and i’m trying to learn it now.

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