Antique Goody!

January 8, 2008

Got my antique Eastlake Plantation Desk last night.

That was a quick pick me up.

We have an antique store here in town and I fell in love with it the second I saw it…Plus that corner needed a nice little artifact there…

It’s from the 1850’s and it is in fantastic condition.

You likey?

(The corner where we put the tree)

(Love the detail, and the mirror on top)

So this perked me up last night…

That, and your comments…Thanks for all of your comments everyone…



  1. Ooo that is gorgeous!!!!! What a find!

    I mean it … give me a couple days (I have been tired can’t think when tired) and I will send you a banner that you can decide if you want to use or not 🙂

  2. It is beautiful!!

  3. I love it. Beautiful.

  4. i love, love, love it!!!! i adore antiques! i collect depression glass and silver overlay. but, i love antique furniture…and, that’s gorgeous!

  5. wowzers I love it…it is amazing!! Glad it gave you a “pick-me-up”. Thanks for letting me sit a spell and get all caught up on what I have missed while gone.

  6. Very nice. I am glad it brightened your day.

  7. it’s fantastic!!!!! i did that once. fell in love with a desk in an antique shop — that happened to be about 400 miles from home! we had a heck of a time figuring out how to have it delivered (and since it was waaaaaaay long ago, some of today’s options didn’t exist). but it was worth it and i still have the desk to this day.

    good for you! woot!

  8. I love antiques. LOVE THEM. My mom had an Eastlake bed and I cried, literally cried, when I had to part with it (it was ruined beyond repair).

    I love the desk. I gasped when I clicked over from Bloglines and saw it. It is absolutely STUNNING.

  9. Oooh, me likey a lot! Nice find you have there, JJ!

  10. Love it … a lot! Very cool.

  11. I *LOVE* it! It looks perfect in your home!

  12. I love your desk.

    I LOVE your floors. LOVE THEM. OMG.

  13. jaw drops. Yup!

  14. Gorgeous piece of furniture and history! Love all the antique and just plain old stuff!

  15. ooooh – pretty, pretty!!! I’m not allowed in antique stores 😦

  16. wow…it’s gorgeous!

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