January 11, 2008

It seems not everyone realizes that yesterday’s post was a RE-post from almost a year ago…

We are done with potty training…That was the point of posting that. To compare where we were to where we are today!!!

So to continue the celebration, I give you my Hai~pu for this week:

Haiku Friday

Now the time has come
The princesses are long gone
Big pot calls your name

I will not miss it
The dumping of the poo poo
one loo to one loo

I’m sure it’s because
your growing buttocks don’t fit
into little holes

Getting bigger now
your personality plus
your tiny bum bum

I’m so proud of you
Depositing of your poo
in the big girl loo

You go and turn four
I never thought I’d see it
See ya~little pot

I could jump for joy
But I don’t want to scare you
You’re touchy that way

No difference here
I’ll just pretend it’s all good
Going forever

Squeeeeee I’m so happy!
Those princesses are bitches
Smirking at my pain



  1. Yeah for you. What a huge step for mommykind.

  2. God, I laughed soooo hard!! Great hai-poo!

  3. Fun haiku, I mean hai-pu!

  4. HAHA!
    Great haiku! Yeah big girl!

  5. LOL about the

    Getting bigger now
    your personality plus
    your tiny bum bum

    gotta love a good haiku! Would you like some chai with that? 😉

  6. Ugh. I dread the potty training! Great ku!

  7. We’re just starting, so it’s wonderful to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Yay for depositing the poop in the lo.

  8. you gotta love when you get rid of that poop stained, cushion-y training potty!! those things get so gross, so fast!!
    yay for potty trained kids! yay for no more diapers!! boo for still having to wipe poop smears tushies!!

  9. Oh, oops! Sorry about that.

  10. “princesses are my bitches
    smirking at my pain”

    JJ, you crack me up!
    I am loving the ‘week’ of poo. Cracking me up with these posts! I am so thrilled for y’all!

  11. Heh. Those were great!

  12. I’m not sure if my last comment just posted since IE crashed…grrr. So if not, I’ll say it again…I’m not looking forward to emptying one loo into another loo. EW!

  13. Your haikus never fail to bring a smile to my face!

  14. ha! when i saw the word “Hai~pu”, i knew it was gonna be good!

    congrats on the potty training victory! we’re just starting with Zander…again. he started at 2, all gung-ho, and then it bored him and he stopped. nice!

    great hai~pu! 😉

  15. Pookus are just the best! As are you!

    At our house the training potty was refused totally and we went straight to the big one. He did like playing it’s music though.

  16. whoohoo. as i have said before, yay for fa and for you … and poo-poo on those princesses!

  17. hehe you are so creative!

  18. hai-poo. ha ha–indeed.

  19. Oops.

    Now that you say that, it does sound somewhat familiar.

    I’m glad that potty training is behind you (no pun intended).

  20. woooooohoooooo wtg again to Fa…first comes pooping on the potty, next comes driving a car..lmao

  21. An achievement like that definitely deserves it’s own poem!

  22. It is a great feeling once you FINALLY win the battle of the behind! (hee-hee)

  23. Yay! One of those wonderful milestones that you are NEVER sad to see! 🙂 Congratulations!

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