Blew a what?

February 7, 2008

The Pro and I were talking the other night about Chimps. We were watching a little of Orangutan Island on Animal Planet.

He loves when chimps are dressed like humans and doing crazy shit like wrecking an office or whatever. He was cracking up so hard thinking about chimps dressed in business suits.

So I remembered something I saw YEARS ago on The Man Show. I remember lying in bed and laughing so hard, I woke up The Pro with my giggling. I was crying, I was laughing so hard.

C’mon. You know that’s funny. Damnit I love You Tube. I can find anything there.

I still feel like doodie. So hope this made you laugh today. Made me giggle.



  1. “What kind of car?”

    “What kind of…a damn penguin car, alright?”

    That’s hilarious.

    On a separate note, I am impressed that you watched “The Man Show” – and that you’re willing to admit it publicly.

  2. hehe that is hilarious … So one time a friend was talking about the poster with animals with funny expressions on their faces and she said “Oh I do not support those, they bonk the animals on the head with hammers to get them like that.”

    So later that evening my husband with a totally straight face, turns to me and says, “You know those pictures with the kids in the pots all dressed up, I do not support those, you know they bonk them on the head with a hammer to get them that way!”

    We still joke about that … And I cannot help but snicker every time I see an Anne Geddes photo/poster.

  3. Ha!

    I totally needed that today.

    Rest, my friend. Have some ice cream. Try not to think about what it resembles.

  4. It took me a couple of seconds…
    I’ve never watched the man show, so this was ALL NEW to me.

    Guys are just crazy — but then I’ve woke my husband giggling like that many a times about something that overwhelms my funny bone.

  5. Ha! Oh that’s a good one!

    I sure do miss the Man Show. It was pretty damn funny.

  6. They used to show these movie spoof shorts with chimps on TBS, I think…..I particularly remember the Jerry Maguire one! This bar I frequently met my best friend for drinks would have the tv tuned to that station a good bit, and those little spoofs were especially funny after a few margaritas!

  7. ~snort~

  8. They used to show those chimp shorts/movie spoofs on TBS….I especially remember the Jerry Maguire one! My favorite bar used to keep it on that channel a lot, and those chimps were even funnier after a few margaritas!

  9. I love youtube! I find the best stuff on there when I am in need of a smile!

  10. If you need funnies, I totally have one for you. I dare you to watch this and not laugh.

  11. oh that is hilarious…. poor wonderhubby just gave me a dirty look for waking him up with my laughing.

  12. omg wayyyyyyyyyy too funny…thanks for the giggles..lmaooooooo

  13. hi JJ — one more note for you today sweetie.

    this is cute. man, i loooooove love love gut busting laughter, so hard you can practically breath, sometimes you make a snort noise, and sometimes you feel like you are going to pee your pants.

    it is awesome!

    hope you get some gut busting laughing moments again really soon! 🙂 kathleen

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