Haiku, I Need to stop crying, Friday.

February 22, 2008

Haiku Friday

I feel so lonely.
A friend across the country
Memories left here.

Trying to figure
why I let girlfriends do this
never let a boy

treat me so poorly?
Would’ve walked right out the door
never looking back

But with my girlfriends,
The very few that I have
I am their carpet.

One best friend moved far.
Asked one as Maid of Honor.
Scared to fly for me.

made it about her
told me I was so selfish
to get married far

Third, is very dark
her energy brings me down
Makes me feel darker

Boyfriends have come, gone
as soon as they misbehaved
they were out the door!

Luckily I blog.
So many wonderful friends
lifting me up high

When I need it most
Hope I can reciprocate
When you need me too.

My eyes are puffy
I need to stop crying now
concealer in need!

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  1. We are merely reciprocating JJ – all the wonderful, supportive, and funny comments you’ve given me in the last year – it is our turn to return the favor.

    Hope you start to feel less lonely, soon!

  2. I wasn’t clear what happen with the latest friend ? she is prego right ? but has she just not been calling you ? what went down ?

  3. thank you JJ. you are awesome, really. glad to have crossed your path. you have such a dear tender heart. thank you for letting me start to know you. ((hugs)), kathleen

  4. ((((((jj))))))) here is a nice big hug. I am sorry your friends are hurting you…but remember we are here…not judging, loving you and willing to listen.

    Hang in there…

  5. I do not know about you, but for me relationships with woman have always been harder. It is like since I am motherless, I do not know where the line should be, where i want it to be or how to make it feel “right”. Guys are so easy, they are what they are. Women have so many layers, you never know … Hang in there girl. Cry it out and hug your husband!

  6. So JJ listen…I was thinking about you last night as I was dealing with some of my own “girlfriend” woes. What you said is so true…we didn’t put up with it when boyfriends treated us the same way. I think girlfriends…especially since we see in movies and books that girlfriends are supposed to be so close and never betray us…have the ability to hurt us more than anything. It sucks. I’m right there with you, girl. Hold tight to the rope. We’ve got the other end.

  7. i think it’s because we need women friends so desperately we’re afraid we won’t be able to replace them. no matter how bad they might be.

  8. I think breakups with friends are worse than breakups with boyfriends. Be strong. You can get through this… and find so much love on the other end.

    Blog away. We’ll always listen…er, read.

  9. Women can be nuts sometimes. You need to tell your friends exactly how you feel and if they let you vent and understand they are worth being friends. If not, send them on their way.
    Good luck! I hope you feel better!

  10. Awe sweetheart.
    Big hugs and tea bags for your eyes.
    Smooches and internetz luv for you.

  11. I’m sorry for your sadness over this situation and can reassure you that you’re not alone with such thoughts and feelings. I’m happy you’re able to express yourself so beautifully in this Haiku and share your feelings with us. I know from experience that tears can be healing. Marlo Thomas is right … “Crying gets the sad out of you” … so it’s okay to cry as long as necessary.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Big hugs to you!

  13. I am sorry your friends aren’t doing a good job of being there for you. Hopefully it is a passing things, done because their own lives are crazed.

    I am glad you can find support online, I do as well.

    Is it strange that women I have never met in person can be more comforting and supportive than women I have know all my life?

  14. It’s crazy, the way friends have an effect on us so… I think it’s a matter of just not finding the right one. Because we shouldn’t feel this way in friendship..ever!


  15. Big hugs to you, JJ!

  16. You don’t need people who treat you like that, jj. Hang in there.

    And thanks.

  17. Aw. This makes me so sad. I hope all these comments will make you feel better. We’re all here for you.

  18. I used to think women were so much cooler than men, but when I think of the ease of my relationship with my husband and the difficulty of my female friendships, I wonder.

    Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  19. (((((((((jj))))))))

    always. still here for you.

  20. In the last year I’ve done a “spring cleaning” of those toxic friendships. I was just done and could not understand why I was putting so much effort into someone that made me feel bad about myself. It was one of the harder things I’ve done but I’m feeling so much better about my self now. I wish you happier days and happier friendships.

  21. Oh, honey. I’m so sorry your friends turned out to be bitches. That is not fair to you. I hope you dry the tears, put the big girl panties on and go have a margarita.

  22. At least you kicked the bad boyfriends out of your life… I always let them continue to stomp all over me! (had my best friend break up with one of them for me…Hello?? DOOR MAT AM I!!)

    We might be twins.

  23. *hugs* I wish there was something I could say to help. I hope you know I am here for you if you need a shoulder, and feel like making use of it!

  24. you’re awesome JJ. i like this especially and i appreciate how you are doing this for me. thank you, kathleen (((hugs to JJ, not the dead fish kind either)))

    ” … lifting me up high

    When I need it most
    Hope I can reciprocate
    When you need me too…”

  25. Made me so sad…
    A big hug goes your way…
    Missed you…

  26. a wonderful haiku or cryku?
    … I’ve heard it said that if you can put it down in words and share it, that you have won half the battle already.

  27. Big fat hugs.

    My best friend lives across the continent – I understand.


  28. I hope you’re better today! Ice, eye cream and concealer will hide the evidence if you’re not…hang in there!

  29. Wimminz are so complicated. We all need that connectedness with other women in our life. It’s hard to find it too. I say let yourself be sad about it…be really sad and get it all out. Keep crying as long as you feel it. Once it’s all out, it’s amazing what transpires.

  30. I’m really not a Haiku kind of guy. Saw-wee you feel’in sad.

  31. You are totally rockin’ this Haiku,lady.

    I’ll always be here for you!

  32. ***hugs, love***

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