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March (it better be better)

March 3, 2008

Okay, so I stuffed myself silly this weekend.

My Aunt and I ate here on Friday night and the food was so amazing, I want to go back tonight and every night until I gain 2,150 lbs.

Then we tried to boogie a little here, but I was getting mauled by all the sweaty salsa dancers and I got fed up…I mean really, I am there to dance…but keep your paws off! Plus, I was there to dance with my Aunt, not a sweaty, smelly stranger. Unless of course Johnny Depp was the smelly, sweaty stranger…but I didn’t see him there.

After that, we went here for some after dinner drinks and relaxing Jazz and my Aunt flirted with some guy that wouldn’t leave us after she got started…Hmmm…can you see a trend?

Yeah, you pretty much can’t take us anywhere without us causing a raucous.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the Pro and we ate until we couldn’t breathe…all weekend.

I need a good workout.

And a good detox.

And then a nap. A good, long nap.

Thanks for all the great birthday wishes last week, you all made me smile.


My UnBirthday!

February 27, 2008

….That’s right I’ll cry if I want to.

From this day forward, I shall forever remain 28 years old.

But don’t tell anyone, I’m really older than that…8 years older…shhhh….

Nicole (truly, Much More Than A Mom) was the first bloggy person to wish me a happy UnBirthday and to top it all off, I won her baby naming contest!

Yay me. I got an UNbirthday present too!

I have so much going on in my head right now…I don’t even know how to blog it all…

So, I’m just going to try to enjoy aging a little bit…Make it a great day…for me today.


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008

I got the best valentine ever this year.

Fa wrote one in school. Then, they mailed it here.

I cried.

It says:

Dear Mom, RT, and Dad,

My mom helps me wash up and she gets my burpies too. I love going to the park with my dad and swinging in the bucket swings. I love when RT calms down but he doesn’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Fa….

Can’t get any better than that. I am truly in love.

Today, I send my love throughout the blogshpere to all my Valentine’s. Happy Healthy Hearts Day to you!!!


I can’t go anyplace else for truth, honesty and love. I thank you.


Blew a what?

February 7, 2008

The Pro and I were talking the other night about Chimps. We were watching a little of Orangutan Island on Animal Planet.

He loves when chimps are dressed like humans and doing crazy shit like wrecking an office or whatever. He was cracking up so hard thinking about chimps dressed in business suits.

So I remembered something I saw YEARS ago on The Man Show. I remember lying in bed and laughing so hard, I woke up The Pro with my giggling. I was crying, I was laughing so hard.

C’mon. You know that’s funny. Damnit I love You Tube. I can find anything there.

I still feel like doodie. So hope this made you laugh today. Made me giggle.



February 4, 2008

You know, I don’t usually brag, but I’m a part of an extraordinary league of wives/women.

That’s right. Fussy’s new site has launched:
(Click it)

It is awesome!

Right now, it is an invite only forum where you can chat, vent, meet other women with similar interests and giggle a lot at life in general, not just at letting your husband keep his testicles. (I love that)

I just wanted to congratulate Mrs. Fussypants on her new venture. And if you want to be invited to the party, let me know. I can get you in. (I know the owner) Or you can see Mrs. Fussy and ask her too.

I’m sure she’ll let you join. She’s cool like that.

Good luck Fuss. You totally rawk!



January 21, 2008

If it weren’t for this coolness, I’d have nothing to say….


Thank you Canadian Flake for such an honor!

You simply must go read the super nice things this woman has said about me. My family doesn’t even say things like this…

I truly am thankful.

I’m supposed to send this out to people…but honestly, I’d like to send it to all of you!

So, I’m only picking three women who have truly been so loving to me in personal e-mails and comments and just all around full hearted, sincerity…

Cate, you gorgeous woman you. I don’t even have the words to express how awesome I think you are. The way you spread love is infectious and I adore you wholeheartedly.

Rachel, you too sistah. I am always amazed by your heart and love. It pours out of you in your comments and in your blog. Ia m so grateful to have ‘met’ you.

Margaret, you have supported me in e-mails and comments and just by being so truly sweet. You make me want to fly to you right now and give you a super duper hug. I can NOT wait to meet you in person when I finally get to the ‘south’…

Girls, you so rock.

Friends, you all rock, but it’s Monday and I’m still asleep from the crazy weekend I had. You can ignore me if you wish, I know I have been a terrible blogger friend lately. And I haven’t been as faithful as I would like to be in reading your blogs…I am trying so hard to get back into it again.

I love you all dear friends…


Our newest story…

January 16, 2008

This is Fa’s latest publication called “The Happy Ladybug”. I love this story so much because it really shows how much she’s grown artistically. Okay. I know, the story structure needs work. But how friggin’ hysterical is the whole thing? She really put all of her effort into this…I swear I didn’t help her with anything but transcribing her thoughts!

Front Cover (Title and author)
(She drew all the pictures and narrated the story, I wrote down her words.)

(First there was a Happy Ladybug. Along came a cat.)

(Then, a frog ate flies on his lily pad. Then, along came a dog eating food in his blue bowl.)

(A cow drinking milk joined the party. A girlfriend doggy (look at the eyelashes) was minding her own business and running in the grass.)

(Just look at her udders. Hysterical! I can’t stand it!)

(A rainy day happened! Then, the rain went away and a sunny day came!)

(All the animals came out and played tag. A birdy joined in the game of tag. He said, “Can I come and play tag with you guys?” A snail came and slimed around in the garden.) (She used quotations!)

(A mouse was walking in the street and he was very careful by a car. All the friends went home for snack and played happily ever after.)

See, it’s moments like this that make it all worth while.

Makes staying up all night, just a smidgen easier.