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Not crazy…

March 29, 2008

I’m not crazy I swear.

But I’m not satisfied with WP.

So I moved one last time…I swear this is the last.

I’m not sending out an e-mail…

Just posting it here…and if you come over great.

If not, great too. No pressure.

My new e-mail is on the new site.

The new site is here.

Hope to see you there…

It’s been real.


I feel pretty!

January 8, 2008

Thanks to my sweetest friend Chelle.

See that new image header?

She designed it! And I adore it. It makes me feel sassy!

She worked on the idea on her own and surprised me with the image. I am in love.

See why I love blogging so?

I could never leave. You all make me feel so much better about things.

And you listen to my blather. All my complaining.

I promise, I will snap out of it. But thank you for putting up with me.

I hope I can be there for you friends, like you are there for me.

I wish we could all have a sassy margarita together…

Chelle, I wish I could repay you somehow…You so rock sistah.

Thanks from the bottom of my pink, satin bra!


Holy Crap I’m Tired!

December 17, 2007

Now, you’ll know why I haven’t been reading my habits favorite blogs this weekend.

We did our Dining Room.

What a job. But I am so happy with the outcome.

Fortunately, I have two very burly and quite handsome men (dad & husband) to help me out.

Here’s a few before shots: (Click to Biggen all the photos)

Dining Room Before

Manny Installing Moldings

Here’s some after shots…With the new moldings, fresh, blue paint and crisp new curtains:

Keep in mind, I still need some junk on the walls. Oh! and a rug.

Antique Hutch
(My prize piece)
That is the antique piece I picked up cheapy…Matches the rest of the furniture.
My mom painted most of those ceramic pieces in there…I am getting her China too.
For that buffet.

Dining Room
(Blue Room)

What to put on that wall?
(What should I put on this wall?)

We also put up the tree…Yay.

Yay Tree
(I love our tree)

I need a nap.

Too Much Activity


Velkomen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

December 1, 2007


How’s things?

Good? Good.

Just do me a favor and put up with me. Please.

Change your linkies. Come here from now on.

Thank you.

I’ll be feverishly working on my new diggs. Hope you enjoy them.


I know it’s Saturday…

December 1, 2007

See my header?
I’ve been playing around with blog tools.

I’m bored with blogger and I’m hoping it’s just blogger that I’m bored with. So….

I’m thinking of getting my own domain….like from or something like that.

I need help.

I’ve played around on WordPress and Typepad. I’ve even exported my blogger posts/comments over to see how it all works.

I’m not comfortable on either site yet…seems like it’s way more complicated than Blogger.
I’m an internet dope.

Whaddya suggest?

1. I was having trouble adding HTML images and links in my sidebars. Seems not to work. Or I just don’t know how.

2. I can’t even begin to change around the layouts…I’m a dope remember? I made up this new header and like it, but I can’t seem to make it look good in WP or TypePad.

3. I only know blogger and I’m afraid of change.

4. I have to PAY for a personal domain! What if I can’t make it my “own”?

5. Which one should I give my hard earned money to?

6. Am I thinking too much? Should I just stay where I am? I’m not like a blogging Master…I really only do this to vent and keep in touch with my buddies.

Anyone out there wanna offer some advice?


Thank you Ms. FussyPants…Much obliged!



July 5, 2007

Anyone out there??? Is this blog on?

So I had to do more housekeeping here…I had to restart etc. A whole bunchya baloney to lose my old e-mail etc…this is a lot of work.

I lost all my wonderful comments from all of my buddies for my first two posts. I’m sad!

So, I’m just making sure the link is still working…

I’m very excited to start fresh.

I am having a hard time saving images and pasting them to my hard drive to use here…I can’t figure that out.

I’m still organizing all of the webrings/posts/etc. that I don’t want to lose. I hope I haven’t screwed anything else up!

Should I post some of my faves here from the other space? Or should I just start ALL over?


I’m really looking to ‘air it all out’ soon…Anything you want to know that I haven’t mentioned before?