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Thank you for your very helpful discussion.

December 19, 2007

I am not babysitting Friday. Turns out the grandmother on the father’s side is coming to help out! I didn’t even have to say no. The Gods are on my side this week!

I may be a bitch with a bad attitude, but I can only take so much of other people’s kids. No matter how much I love them. And no matter how much I want to help. I feel terrible denying them, I do. But not enough to stress myself out.

Sometimes you have to say NO to others in order to day YES to yourself.

Here’s some of the questions and suggestions that were offered from yesterday’s post…and I thank you all for your honesty and candor. (It’s a long one people)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Said:
“I think she probably really needs your help, but if it really is too much maybe you could offer up the phone number to your favorite babysitter.”

Me: Great Idea…But I’m always the babysitter…I don’t have one for myself. I need to get one of those, Huh? I guess that’s my problem. I don’t trust anyone to babysit Fa, other than family. And I just can’t see how they trust me with their child for such a long time. I should be honored, but instead I’m confused by their rationale.

Annie Said:
“First of all – you are doing the right thing being honest – you have a lot on your plate right now and taking on someone else’s child for this long would be a handling for a lot of us – especially someone you don’t know all that well.

Having said that – I can see this lady’s perspective, too. I’ve been there. I had to leave Miss E all day and overnight with a lady I met at ‘Mommy and Me’, when I delivered Baby J – I had nobody else to ask – all our other friends worked.

I like the previous commenter’s suggestion – is there someone trustworthy you can recommend to her? What about her husband’s family – are any of them nearby?”

Me: Nope. I am my own babysitter and I would never ask my family to sit for a friend’s kid.
It’s hard enough to get them to sit for me….

I need a babysitter. But even then, would I just offer up someone else’s services? This is obviously something I’m not used to.

Sam Nova said:
“First of all, you that you refuse to do it all week, very good move to make that clear from the start on and there is nothing wrong with that. Got to agree with the limits 😉

It might be that she is taking advantage of you but without doing it on purpose (If you know what I mean); you been so kind, kids liking each other a lot and at the same time she is in a bad position, so she asks the first one that makes sense to her (a person she trusts)… you.

I would do as Sarah and Annie suggests, check if there are other people (her family!) who could help out. Don’t know if you got ‘day care’ for kids that age where you are living, but the times where we couldn’t take care of our kids because of work we let them stay with a woman close to here who takes care of several kids all day (And we trust her).

I don’t think you are being negative at all and I find it good that you do have these thoughts.”

Me: Thanks so much Sam. Unfortunately, they have no one else, just each other (and me). But I am starting to reach my limit of patience…If you know what I mean. I feel terrible that I can not cope with helping them all week, but I have to do what’s best for me and my family too…especially this week. Too close to holidays and Fa’s birthday. I have so much to do and now no time to do it. Can you tell I’m stressed?

Carrie said:
“You are doing the right thing, be honest and up front. Maybe Friday the other parent can take the day off of work and spend it with his kid? I’m just saying.”

Me: Thanks for that Carrie. I truly think that after a full week of my services, the man could take a day.

cate said:
“i’m glad that you are only taking her two days…you know your limits, and it’s not worth pushing them for someone you hardly know!

i don’t think she’s taking advantage of you…maybe she doesn’t know anyone else who can help her….??? i don’t know. but you shouldn’t feel guilty for only taking her two days…especially if one of them is a full day!

doesn’t she have any family members or other (better) friends that could help her?

and no…i don’t think you are being negative…i think you are being protective of yourself, and that’s just fine! :)”

Me: Thank you Cate. I have had her for four days total. I can not do a FULL day. Especially since they just drop her off and I don’t hear from them the rest of the day. They don’t even call to check up on their kid. I can’t take the pressure.

Rachel said:
“Hmmm~ I’m jumping on Annie’s comment boat because she pretty much said exactly what I was thinking.
She really may have nobody else to turn to but you, so maybe you could help her with suggestions. It’s a hard situation for both of you, it would seem.”

Me: You’re right. She seems to not have anybody else…But what would they do if they didn’t KNOW me?

Liz said:
“I agree that you’re doing the right thing by being honest. But it must be a tough situation for that mom to be in. I don’t suspect she’s taking advantage, rather she’s just in a tough spot.
But I’m with you, I couldn’t watch someone else’s kid for a WHOLE WEEK. Hell, I can hardly take care of my own self…”

Me: Ahmen.

Much More Than A Mom said:
“I think it’s great that you’re being honest, but also that she just probably really needs a friend right now and happens to trust you.”

Me: Yes, and yes. And I am truly honored to be that trusted. But I don’t want that responsibility. Am I heartless?

Momo Fali said:
“It’s good that you know when enough is enough. I wish I could say no more often. I don’t think you’re being taken advantage of…yet. If she asked such a big favor on another occasion…then, yes.”

Me: I do have to keep track now. Another thing I hate doing. Scorecards. But I will make sure I allow Fa to go there for a long afternoon one day soon!

janet said:
“as a working mom, i see both sides of this coin. and this is going to be a long comment. so go get a cup of coffee and get comfy.

i know that when my kids were little, i glommed onto anyone who could help me out when i couldn’t do what i needed to do. in fact, i made cold calls from a school roster more than once to find rides, carpools, help.

i also felt guilty if i couldn’t reciprocate, but frequently i couldn’t.

this poor mom saw a little kindness and latched onto it. she has a pressing need and she doesn’t see past it right now. i have been there.

on the other hand, as i look at it from the 20/20 hindsight of 26 years of parenting, she IS asking too much of you. you have handled it correctly by offering the times that you can and feel comfortable with.

i agree with the other commenters who suggested offering her alternatives and other sitters, etc. THAT would be what we call a mitzvah. a good deed.

also, let her help you back. there is nothing worse than feeling like you are always the taker. ask her for a favor. if she’s anything like the rest of us, she’ll be thrilled to offer something in return for your kindness.”

Me: Janet, you are so right. And I am thankful that I am not in her situation. It is all a matter of perspective. And mine is this: I have never had experience babysitting, parenting, making new ‘adult’ friends with kids…This is all new to me and I am negative about this. Because every time I try to help other so-called friends…I get taken advantage of…It’s historical fact. And I wind up losing that ‘friend’ the second I say NO. That’s why my perspective is the way it is. And I guess I don’t want that to happen here, but I just can’t do anymore. I’m lucky I can take care of my OWN family. You know? I am very torn about this, as you can hopefully see. So I hope that I am not coming off a total bitch-hater.

Plus, the small things lead to bigger aggravation. Examples: I’ve had to hunt down a car seat for the kid on the first day because they didn’t leave on with the school. Then, I had to remind the father every day to leave it at the school for me. Plus, the school won’t dismiss anyone without written consent. Guess who forgot to do that too…SO without a number to reach these parents because they didn’t leave me one, I had to ask the school to release his cell phone number to me so I could call him to tell him to call the school to say that I was taking the kid home. C’mon..I’m outta breath just typing all that.

Burf said:
“Yes set the limits, and yes be honest. But maybe ask what she does the other time, if she has a sitter, if the problem is that she can’t afford her etc….Might make her offer you a bit of money. Either that or she will stop, cuz she will realized that she can’t take advantage of you.

I might do it these two days…Christmas spirit and all, but I would tell her up front that there has to be some compensation or other arrangements if she wants to use you as a “sitter” more often.

Play dates fine, and an emergency here and there, but not always.”

Me: Yes. What started out as a playdate has turned into Hell Date! hee hee.

chelle said:
“Yup … what those guys up there said.
I do not think the lady is evil, but you so totally rock for setting your limits. It is easier to make everyone’s burdens our burdens and not be able to focus on ourselves. You are doing the right thing and so nice to help out when another mom is in need!”

Me: Thank you. I do hope that you all see, I do want to help. Just not be stressed about it. And now, it’s become stress. I am still trying to get through the holidays without a breakdown as it is.

Pamela said:
“This is a really tough question. My first thought is that she and her husband have a lot of gall.

Then I felt sorry for the little girl. She just needs someone to look out for her. Her parents don’t know you very well. Would you leave your kid with someone you don’t know?

Well — enough said.

I’m glad the little girl has you. They could have left her with a monster.”

Me: That’s my point. How do they know I’m not a monster? I even asked the father yesterday what this kid says when she gets home at night. I asked if she was happy and enjoying herself here…I’d hate for that kid to be suffering any more than she has to with her mother gone for so long!

Audubon Ron said:
“Yes, you’re being taken advantage of. Sorry, you’re getting gangted.”

Me: Tell it like it is brother! I thought that at first too. But with all the other perspectives out there, (Which I did ask for because I wanted to measure my own against my friends here)…I do see the other side as well. Still, I won’t let it go any further…As I’ve said, I know my limits! And for now, I am finito. Done. Cooked. I must enjoy these next few days and the holidays to follow…then in the new year, I can start over again.

OhTheJoys said:
“I think you’re just being real. Here’s how much I can handle. End of story.”

Me: So I’m not the only one?

feener Said:
“i think the best thing ANY one can do is be honest with what they can handle. That is what you are doing. I am not sure about being taken advantage of, b/c i also am not sure if someone was sick in my family I might just be looking for help where ever I could find it ? I guess that part I wouldn’t judge b/c I am not sure how I would be. But I know that I would only do what I felt I could handle, you are helping her out as much as you can. she has to find other routes if she needs more and that is NOT your problem.”

Me: I agree…thank you. I did what I could and I would do it again..just not the rest of this month!

Multi-tasking Mommy
“I say it’s ok to set your limits and stick to them. Good for you for knowing yourself and being honest. You aren’t being selfish at all–you are a dear friend for offering to take her period!
Just my 2 cents.”

Me: Thanks. My limits have been established. I am proud of myself.

Toni said:
“Stick to your guns. Sometimes people don’t mean to take advantage but it sounds like she is at least a little. Just my humble opinion….”

<em>Me: Agreed. Thank you!</em>

And to conclude my thoughts exactly (I think we are sisters separated at birth):
Margaret said:
“It is OK for you to say no. You don’t have to do everything.

The positive part of me says she isn’t taking advantage and needs help. But You have a crap load going on. It’s OK. You CANT do it all.

Maybe her hubby has to call in sick. Do whatever you can do. That’s it.”

Me: Yes, ma’am. These were my thoughts exactly.


Devilish Southern Belle Said:
“Ooh, this is a hard one. I don’t think you are being taken advantage of just yet. Yes, she asked for a lot of time, but she also had some sort of family emergency. However, you certainly should not take on another kid for that much time if you already know you don’t want to or won’t be able to handle it. I know it does probably feel like you’re being taken advantage of, but that’s probably not her intent. I’d only help what days I really felt like I could, if any.”

Me: Thank you. Just the way I’d like to end this post. I did it. It’s done. I will do it again when they need me but not for this many days or hours. I just am not wired for that. This was a lesson well learned from you, my internet friends, and from myself. I learned something about myself this week. I am pessimistic, but I do understand there are other perspectives. And I do, in my heart of hearts want to be helpful, just not to the point where I am getting overwhelmed. I know my limits. I now have to abide by them.

I feel so much better about things now that I have shared them with you friends!


Please, Please, Please…Let me get what I want….this time.

November 14, 2007

As I’ve said before The Litigator’s school is a CoOp. Which means basically, for a fucking redonkulous smaller fee, you get amazing preschool but it is run by the squeakiest wheels in the neighborhood the parents .

I am not a loudmouth unless I feel strongly about something. So, most of the time here in “WonderLandSchool”, I don’t complain. I know what these teacher’s go through with these assmuch parents on a daily basis…I’ve been there, I’ve done that. So, I don’t wanna add to the annoyance.


I am starting to see, this isn’t working for me here.

I have already:

  • been ignored for being chosen to assist during the Thanksgiving luncheon (today, we are NOT going)
  • not been included as a part of the ‘class Parent’s clique’ (Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about that but I don’t get what I want)
  • not received recognition for the volunteer work I do there (which isn’t the case, but when I see notes upon notes thanking the assmunches who actually munch ass…that gets me)
  • been ignored to chair a stupid committee that I Fricken. Volunteer. For
  • AND big AND, I was already cast aside for first preference for next year. I wanted AM classed and I got PM classes….I was THE FIRST one to hand in my application. I know it because I had to MAKE THE BOX THAT HELD ALL THE REST OF THE APPLICATIONS!!!!!

They did a lottery to choose who gets AM or PM classes. I wasn’t picked for AM.

Listen, I was a teacher who fudged her own lotteries to get the parents I wanted on trips and parties and crap and ignore the weirdos plenty of times…I admit it…I know what goes on behind closed lottery doors.

What really pisses me off?

I see the same assmunches with their noses in the air in the same classes that THEY want, for two years in a row already, now going on three, while people who don’t complain are ignored. And one of the parents (who I actually like) in The Litigator’s class complained about the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Guess who got picked to go?

I think I have to start complaining.

I figured volunteering would put me in the good graces with the director. Nope. Not enough assmuching for her taste. I need to literally lick her asshole and light candles to get noticed.

I’m not sure I can bend that low.

I think I’ll stick to the PM class and get the hell outta Dodge the next year when The Litigator is in kindergarten.

Damn December Birthday, she misses Kindergarten by a whole year due to my piss poor birth planning. 19 days. 19 days, she misses the cut off by 19 days.

I’d be outta there and a whole helluva lot richer in September.


Joe Dick

November 6, 2007

Yeah. So, how come it’s always this person in front of me in the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular that always causes delays?It was THIS person who cut me off to get into the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular only to take HER sweet-ass time to order 17 gazillion coffees and 12 quadrillion muffins and 56 thousand-bajillion ‘munchkins’…then….then…She proceeded to have the server from the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular literally CLIMB OUT of the window to place all of her purchases into her HUMMER because she just couldn’t go INTO the store to order this ton of crap for herself….she wouldn’t dare make someone else’s life a little easier….Oh NO! Why would she let the patrons of the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular get fast, convenient service when she’s all out to order the entire store?…

In her gas guzzling, ozone-killing machine.

Then, How come this same dickhead cuts me off after we pull out of said drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular only to stop short for nothing at all…No light, no pedestrian…no ailing puppy…nothing.

Of course her license plate reads:

(JOECOOLI) (Is that coolie?)

“You Dick.”


October 16, 2007

Yeah. So I got to the doctor.

I have TMJ. I grind my teeth and clench my jaw out of stress, so much that I have created this condition.

And guess what he gave me. Prince Valium. I know. Right?

So I took my 5mg pill last night before bed and I expected to fall into a state of unicorns and rainbows. Not me.

When I slept with Prince Valium, I was tossing and turning and I still couldn’t find a spot where my jaw didn’t feel like it was falling off.

I am THAT tense.

Now, of course, I won’t take a whole pill during the day when I have to mother. So he told me to take a half a pill in the morning, half in the afternoon and a whole one at night.

I am THAT mother.

Wish me luck. I need to relax. And a spa day won’t cut it.


On a wonderfully bright and shiny positive note. (And that totally was NOT sarcastic!)

Fa and I got a package in the mail yesterday when we got home!

It was from Chelle!

We won two adorably dyed play silks from her Great White North Contest! (Yes, Chelle that was me poking through your archives this morning to get some linky love!)

Fa went bonkers for them. As soon as they came out of the package, they became her butterfly wings. She loves them so much she begged to sleep with them.

So thank you Chelle. This really was a special gift!

(Gorgeous Butterfly Wings!)


Weekend Update

October 15, 2007

I hate doing a list of crap that I did over the weekend. You don’t care and frankly, now that it’s over I don’t care either.

So I’m going to try hard not to ever do that.

However, I woke up this Friday with a wicked head/jaw ache. It’s only gotten worse. Now, I can’t open my mouth especially to eat, yawn or nag. My husband says it’s a strike of luck. Wait ’till he wants a “kissy kissy” or ten. Who’ll be giggling with her mouth closed then?

I’m afraid it’s this. But Dr. Google is an evil source of info.

I don’t know whether I should harass the doctor or the dentist. I’m thinking dentist because it does have to do with my once gaping yap. But I just know, I’ll have a hard time getting in to see him. And I can’t wait until my regular appointment in November. Plus. No dental insurance. I’m in agony here…I hate not being able to yell and scream effectively.

Went to the mall yesterday. I never go to this particular mall especially so early on a Sunday morning. But my Aunt slept over because the Pro was on a boys night in the Hamptons…(Dog)…and she needed to see something in the Sleep Number store. Lucky thing is getting one of those beds. She’s a 40, like Jennifer Aniston.

That’s not the story.

We were walking through the mall and I caught a few people staring at us like we had 10 heads between us. This happens a lot so we were giggling about it. I thought it may have been my new messenger bag with skulls on the strap…(Maybe I’m too old for this thing?)…But turns out one group in particular approached us.

One woman asks, “Are you Janet?” I’m like “Yeah, What of it?” (It’s the mall, it’s Sunday morning…don’t fuck with me.)

She tells me who she is and I almost fall to the floor. Turns out, she’s a girl I used to hang out A-Lot with in High School. If you know me, you know I hated High School. But this particular girl and I became extremely close in Junior year. Of course we lost touch, bla bla…But I always think about her and even tried to contact her once a few years back through her Niece who was a fourth grade student in my school. Needless to say, I was so excited to see her and more excited that she recognized me…She looked totally different. Still just as gorgeous.

Then, I realize that the crowd around her is ALL of her kids. And her mother.

She said, she’s been pretty busy. No kidding. We both laughed and tried to do some catching up as quickly as you can with all those little people running around us in the mall. Fa was, of course, shy. Didn’t talk or even say hello.

Her kids, all over the place. And she was as cool as a cucumber. I just don’t get it.

I gave her my phone number and begged her to call me so we could get together and really catch up. I heard through her Niece, years ago that she had some tragedies in her life and I wanted to talk to her then, but she never answered back.

So what I’m trying to say is. Going someplace unexpectedly this weekend with a stiff face, sent a past friend my way. I just hope that she gets in touch again so we can fill each other in…I’d love to see her again.

I haven’t been blogging this weekend…I’m going to purge my reader and start fresh. I sincerely apologize to my regulars who haven’t heard from me this weekend…I’ll start again this week.



September 11, 2007

Hi. My name is ~JJ! and I am an overthinker. (All of you in unison…Hi ~JJ!)

Me: I am having a difficult time ‘over’ thinking of all the worse case scenarios that can happen during summertime activities.

You: Like what darling? Please try to be specific.

Me: Well, we took Fa to her cousin’s pool yesterday and of course we didn’t bring her bathing suit or mine for that matter because it’s a fairly new pool and we didn’t think it’d be open. But all she wanted to do was go in and I wasn’t about to. I really hate the pool. I have a swimsuit issue too..but that’s for the “Mommy-Belly Anonymous” meeting next week.

You: Poor baby. What did she do?

Me: Well, she wanted to get by the edge of the pool to put her hands and feet in and all I could imagine was her falling in and drowning. I don’t know CPR…but that’s for the ‘Scared of Everything” meeting tomorrow.

You: Was she in any danger whatsoever?

Me: You see, that’s the problemo. I can’t help but envision her falling in even when there are plenty of people around…(but not really watching.) I feel like I’m the only one watching/hawking her. (and my husband, of course) Then I get the ‘you’re an overprotective mom vibe’ happenin’ and I start to feel self-conscious and paranoid.

It’s the paranoia and lack of self-esteem as a mom that makes me feel this way. I know I’m being overprotective but that’s my daughter dangling in the pool. I like to think I don’t care if people think that way about me but I do. I felt like shit already because she wanted to go swim and we wouldn’t let her. Now, I’m following her around like a puppy because she won’t hold my hand and wants to look at the kids playing in the unfinished and un-gated pool.

You: You might want to get over that, you are going to make her neurotic.

Me: Thanks. I know that already. That’s why I’m here.

You: Well, you have at least 26 more years of ‘OA’ before you get cured…Drink some coffee and relax…

*Posted last year some time at my “other place” but I wanted to re-post it here because I read this and felt it all over again. I wanted Jen to know that we all think this way about all sorts of crap…it’s not just her.


This day doesn’t get past me. We lost some friends 6 years ago and we had just returned from our honeymoon a month earlier. Life changed for me on this day and I will never be the same because of the tragedy. Our safety has been infringed upon and as strong as a city we are, we still feel it every day.

I haven’t forgotten.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day

August 17, 2007

In my case I have two.


(Which happens to be correct right now!)


(Which will be correct in one hour!)

I know, I have two very similar (and gigantic) clocks. One in the living room and one in the kitchen.

Why you ask?

Well, they were wedding gifts and I liked them. Both.

But this brings me to two pet peeve topics today. Two clocks, two vents.

1. Batteries.

Why do they always run out so quickly? And why do Fa’s toys and my clocks need so many of them to function? And why do I never have enough in my house? And how long will these particular clocks say these incorrect times on them before I break down and get more batteries?

and B) Birthday parties.

No, not just any random birthday party. I’m specifically talking about people with more than one (3) kid(s) who have two parties for each kid. That’s six parties!

Do I have nothing to do all year but buy gifts for and attend your kid’s parties?

That is so unfair. Especially when I only have one kid. Who only has one party. Or in Fa’s case. No party for friends this year. Just family.

Now, I’m not being selfish. I don’t care if Fa ever gets a gift for her birthday, she’s spoiled enough. It’s not that. They don’t even need to reciprocate. (Even though they do.) But why are certain people thinking that they can expect that much from one family.

Think about it. Three kids. Two parties for each kid. You can’t go to one party empty handed can you? Plus, the time it takes to actually be at these festivities. Then, there’s holidays and such. That’s gifts half the year from me.


Now, before you get your bloomers in a bunch. (I know you’re out there and you have never commented up until this point) I’m not complaining about the amount of kids these people have. It’s their choice and their bank account.

And I choose to keep it the way I keep it.

You can keep it however you want. I’m not against the amount of children this family has and wants to have.

To each her own ovaries. Or uterus. I bet hers is polyp free.

It’s not even the parties per se. It’s the amount of parties for EACH kid. C’mon.

One each, please.

I beg you.

My The Pro’s wallet begs you.

‘Nuff said.