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Ah, go frisk yourself! (Forgot about the Haiku)

February 15, 2008

Haiku Friday

Frisk those sistas now
it only takes a minute
start to save your life

Happy Valentine’s Hangover. Did you get frisked last night? Hope so. If not, frisk yourself now.

I’ll wait…..

Remember there’s more than one kind of breast cancer

And also, you don’t have to have a lump to have breast cancer either.

And once again, something new that Whymommy taught me…You really need to keep on top of this stuff, gals.

So look as carefully as you would feel. Treat those girls like you would treat your baby, or your favorite pet. Take care of them…

If you have any concerns or questions call your doctor.

If anything looks or feels different from last month, last week, yesterday, call your doctor.

Want s’more info…go here.

I just had my 6 month recheck mammomgram last week. I need to go back in another 6 months. They wouldn’t let me leave until I made that appointment for August. They are watching something people. That scares the fucking crap out of me. Especially, ’cause I don’t FEEL anything. You better bet your life, I’ll be at that 6 month check up on time and ready for action.

So, I’m here to remind you. Get ta friskin’.


Haiku How Cool?

February 1, 2008

Haiku Friday

My Haiku “video edition”

video editing pro
and rocking you tube

New Mommy Canape
celebrating with her friend
good news all around!

Honored to be one
of the hands lending support
to our blogging friend

Makes me cry with joy
The way it inspires me
Inspires you too?

Friends from far and wide
virtually connecting
together to hug

Here it is…

If you can’t see it…click here for the link.

Cast of characters:
(Sign holders)
Dear Marty
We – Amy
You – Robin
SupportFertile Mertile
(If I’ve forgotten any bloggers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)
(Cheering Section)
 Cathy and Nancy and myself.
There were even people who really wanted to participate but couldn’t as peeps unfortunately had been given a very short window of time. Amie and Sanne from the Netherlands support and adore Whymommy too!

Go here for Mr.Linky…to add your own piece of art.

To play along for Haiku Friday, follow these steps:

1. Write your own haiku on your blog. You can do one or many, all following a theme or just random. What’s a haiku, you ask? Click here.

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Happy Friday everyone.


Thinking of you

January 22, 2008

I’m thinking of you today Whymommy!

We all are.

I’m reading Twitter and I’m waiting to hear you are done.

Done kicking cancer’s nasty ass.



January 21, 2008

I am praying today for tomorrow.

I am thinking only positive thoughts for tomorrow.

I am still crying today. Because it is finally here.

I am sending all of my love today and tomorrow and until she heals.

Tomorrow is Whymommy’s surgery.

I wish I could be there tomorrow to hold her hand…or to babysit…or to be there with a joke when she wakes from the surgery.

I just know she will kick through this procedure tomorrow like a champion. She is a champion. Today, tomorrow, every day.

She’s waited so long for this. Tomorrow is the day.

WhyMommy…I am thinking of you. I am praying for you. I am feeling for you.

Please know that you have touched me in a way that I will never forget.

Rock it tomorrow sister.

I can’t wait to hear that it is over tomorrow and you are recovering nicely.

Thank you canape for such an inspirational idea! Go on over to Whymommy’s site and send her some love.


It’s that time again..

November 15, 2007

Before I say what I hafta say, after yesterday’s post, the mail came and my $500.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is due to hold my kid’s place in a position I’m not sure I want.

Go figure.

Anyway, on to the business at hand. (Ohhh, and FYI…tomorrow’s post….a Friday doozy!)

Are you touching yourself?

You should be…Here’s a handy little helper for your frisking pleasure…

(Click to biggen)
Or go here

Go now. And enjoy it. I hope you feel absolutely nothing but flesh and nip.

Even the primates do it:


Are you wondering? Haiku Pink

November 2, 2007

What this is all about?

Well, it’s a very important reminder to ‘check yo’self befo you wreck yo’self.’

No, all kidding aside.

October has come and gone and breast cancer awareness month…is just that. ONE month long…But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep aware for the rest of your life.

The blog colors may change, the seasons come and go but the sentiment is the same. Every day. Women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

It can happen to you, me, your mom, your sister…but early detection is part of the fight.

So, I have joined a few other ladies including Slacker-Mommy and Mert to remind myself and YOU, (yes you…even the boys can join) to check our boobahs every month.

The 15th is a good a day as any…Although you should check yourself a week after the start of your period because your breast tissue is easier to ‘feel through’. (They are less tender and less swollen.)

If you are a boy, remind a woman you care about…or do it for her. Puhlease, you think I haven’t made my very own husband check for me when I was too panicked to do it myself? Yes, ma’mmy…he’s done it. And he’s liked it too thankyouverymuch.

So do it. Today, the 15th…every month.

I’ll remind you too!

Haiku Friday

With a few Haiku:

Boobies! Oh, boobies!
Why must you be so tender?
Cystic and naughty.

Check those boobies now!
The 15 th of every month
No better time, huh?

Pink for October
Is a friendly reminder
All year is good too.

But you can’t forget
Because I’ll be up your ass
Check those knobs again!

The pink may be gone
The sentiment is the same
The thought always there

Do it every month
Get frisky with those sistahs
They’ll thank you after

Make a game of it
Have your husband help you out
Frisking can be fun!



October 23, 2007

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was about 16 years old.

She died when I was 17.

She hid the lump from us (and herself) for who knows how long. And I’m sure the pack a day of Luckies didn’t help either.

She refused aggressive treatment because she didn’t want to lose her beauty.

She made choices.

Poor choices that killed her, but choices nonetheless.

It was her choice to refuse more chemo, to refuse the mastectomy, to refuse more radiation. It was her choice to give up the fight. I wish to whatever guides us that she made different choices. But I was too young and naive to know what the hell was going on to even suggest she fight. For me if not for herself.

I have a choice too.

And I have started to think pro actively for the first time ever. I have begun to give myself (almost) monthly breast exams. I can go for my yearly mammograms and OB/GYN visits. I can try to eat healthy and exercise. And I try.

I am getting a polyp removed next month.

Before I became a mother, I did some of these things regardless of the outcome. And I also used to say, when I got breast cancer, I would not fight. I had nothing to live for anyway. I was weak and motherless…what did I know?

However, since I now have a daughter, I think harder about my choices. Especially choices regarding my health.

And I think about all the mothers out there with this disease who are fighting every day for more time. I would fight like nobody’s business, I do not want my daughter to be motherless.

Since my mother died from breast cancer and my grandmother (her mother) died from another women’s cancer, I fear. I fear that I will get it too. It is on my mind 24 hours a day. All year long. And I worry. And I worry for my daughter’s future too…is this our genetic destiny?

But I also have a choice to go for genetic testing to see if I am a carrier of this disease. And that choice I can not quite make.

What do you do with this information once you have it? If you are a carrier, are there steps to take to avoid the disease or is it an automatic life sentence? Does your insurance drop you once you find out that you may be costing them billions to treat a disease that you may get?

On the other hand,

If you aren’t a carrier, does that guarantee that you won’t get it at all? Does this pave the way for false hope?

I can’t decide if it pays to know, or if knowing will make me worry even more than I do now.

A choice should be made, for my daughter. For my own sanity (whatever there is left of that).

But like my mother, I find it hard to really want to know the truth. Denial is our middle name.

What would you do?