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Not crazy…

March 29, 2008

I’m not crazy I swear.

But I’m not satisfied with WP.

So I moved one last time…I swear this is the last.

I’m not sending out an e-mail…

Just posting it here…and if you come over great.

If not, great too. No pressure.

My new e-mail is on the new site.

The new site is here.

Hope to see you there…

It’s been real.


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008

I got the best valentine ever this year.

Fa wrote one in school. Then, they mailed it here.

I cried.

It says:

Dear Mom, RT, and Dad,

My mom helps me wash up and she gets my burpies too. I love going to the park with my dad and swinging in the bucket swings. I love when RT calms down but he doesn’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Fa….

Can’t get any better than that. I am truly in love.

Today, I send my love throughout the blogshpere to all my Valentine’s. Happy Healthy Hearts Day to you!!!


I can’t go anyplace else for truth, honesty and love. I thank you.


Blew a what?

February 7, 2008

The Pro and I were talking the other night about Chimps. We were watching a little of Orangutan Island on Animal Planet.

He loves when chimps are dressed like humans and doing crazy shit like wrecking an office or whatever. He was cracking up so hard thinking about chimps dressed in business suits.

So I remembered something I saw YEARS ago on The Man Show. I remember lying in bed and laughing so hard, I woke up The Pro with my giggling. I was crying, I was laughing so hard.

C’mon. You know that’s funny. Damnit I love You Tube. I can find anything there.

I still feel like doodie. So hope this made you laugh today. Made me giggle.



January 11, 2008

It seems not everyone realizes that yesterday’s post was a RE-post from almost a year ago…

We are done with potty training…That was the point of posting that. To compare where we were to where we are today!!!

So to continue the celebration, I give you my Hai~pu for this week:

Haiku Friday

Now the time has come
The princesses are long gone
Big pot calls your name

I will not miss it
The dumping of the poo poo
one loo to one loo

I’m sure it’s because
your growing buttocks don’t fit
into little holes

Getting bigger now
your personality plus
your tiny bum bum

I’m so proud of you
Depositing of your poo
in the big girl loo

You go and turn four
I never thought I’d see it
See ya~little pot

I could jump for joy
But I don’t want to scare you
You’re touchy that way

No difference here
I’ll just pretend it’s all good
Going forever

Squeeeeee I’m so happy!
Those princesses are bitches
Smirking at my pain


Haiku can’t miss it…

December 28, 2007

Haiku Friday

Have to do haiku
Even when I’m fucking sick
Can’t miss not a week

I’m on vacation
from life and from everything
Vacation in quotes

I don’t even know
What day it is today, so
It is Friday, No?


Holy Crap I’m Tired!

December 17, 2007

Now, you’ll know why I haven’t been reading my habits favorite blogs this weekend.

We did our Dining Room.

What a job. But I am so happy with the outcome.

Fortunately, I have two very burly and quite handsome men (dad & husband) to help me out.

Here’s a few before shots: (Click to Biggen all the photos)

Dining Room Before

Manny Installing Moldings

Here’s some after shots…With the new moldings, fresh, blue paint and crisp new curtains:

Keep in mind, I still need some junk on the walls. Oh! and a rug.

Antique Hutch
(My prize piece)
That is the antique piece I picked up cheapy…Matches the rest of the furniture.
My mom painted most of those ceramic pieces in there…I am getting her China too.
For that buffet.

Dining Room
(Blue Room)

What to put on that wall?
(What should I put on this wall?)

We also put up the tree…Yay.

Yay Tree
(I love our tree)

I need a nap.

Too Much Activity


Ku’ Ku’ Kachoo

December 14, 2007

Haiku Friday

Online shopping rules
What would I do without it?
Manage the malls? Nope.

Almost done shopping
Just a few more presents left
Wallet is empty

Does she really need
everything that I bought her
when toys overflow?


Birthday and Christmas
Piss poor planning on my part
5 days in between

What was I thinking?
Having a baby that week
Poor thing will be jipped

One gift for two days?
I will make sure that it’s not
It’s the thought that counts

The kid is lucky
Christmas and Birthday wrapping
MUST be separate

She will always know
Even if there were no gifts
She leads a charmed life


Dining room a mess
Moldings and painting galore
It better be done

Living like this sucks
A fucking mess in all rooms
The outcome devine!

I’ll snap some pictures
Of before and after too
To share with just you

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