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The Black Crowes

March 6, 2008

Just wanted to express my joy in the fact that iTunes now has The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion…I just downloaded it.

I had the CD when it first came out and then an ex-boyjerk took it from me and never gave it back. Dick.

I’ve been waiting patiently for iTunes to carry it..I got the alert today!

Joy of Joys…!

Tell me they are not the greatest of all time…I dare you.

Sometimes Salvation from Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

A Conspiracy from Amorica

Remedy from Southern Harmony And Musical Companion

She Talks to Angels from Shake Your Money Maker

Now, gotta go, I’m listening.


Blew a what?

February 7, 2008

The Pro and I were talking the other night about Chimps. We were watching a little of Orangutan Island on Animal Planet.

He loves when chimps are dressed like humans and doing crazy shit like wrecking an office or whatever. He was cracking up so hard thinking about chimps dressed in business suits.

So I remembered something I saw YEARS ago on The Man Show. I remember lying in bed and laughing so hard, I woke up The Pro with my giggling. I was crying, I was laughing so hard.

C’mon. You know that’s funny. Damnit I love You Tube. I can find anything there.

I still feel like doodie. So hope this made you laugh today. Made me giggle.


In this house

November 19, 2007

While the Litigator is in a time out…

I need SOMEthing to get me through.

Thank GOD for Photo Booth on my Mac. Serves me with hours of entertainment.

No, she was NOT happy while I was playing during her time out!
(and no, I didn’t know there was recorded sound on it either…I would have used her screams)

Go ahead. Ask me.
“Why was she in a Time Out?”

“Well, she lied to me and told me she took her medicine, but what she really did was HIDE it under the pillows on the couch!”

“She’d never get away with that in court.”


We are all addicted to music.
My husband turned me on to this magazine.
If you love music, especially music that hails from the UK, this magazine is for you.

This was November’s cover.

The Litigator wants to know what she’s wearing.

Good question.
She sure as hell ain’t doin’ the locomotion here!

Time to start censoring our shit.



Anansi Our Spider ~ For Haik-ew Friday

September 28, 2007

Haiku Friday

Now, Haiku Friday…With video!
Don’t get used to this people…I’m too stressed out to do THIS every week.

Be nice to spiders
Said the spider to the fly
I just say ew- gross.


When the first web breaks
Never fear for Anansi
He will find a way


As soon as complete
Spiders work is never done
To rebuild again


Ready for the prey?
Your web is a work of art
I hope you eat well


For your viewing joy
I have video’ed our guest
Rebuilding what’s lost


Yes, Anansi is
outside of our home because
I can’t stand spiders

Whaddya think of my first iMovie video-editing skillz?

Call me. I do weddings.