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Not so Care Bear

January 30, 2008

My kid is into Care Bears…I love that she is so into something like this. It makes my heart sing. She plays with them all the time. They are her friends. She loves them with all of her heart.

She watches the Care Bears Big Wish Movie every day. She wants all the Care Bears ever created, lemme tell ya, that’s a lot. She has a few other videos too…from the 80’s. Brings back memories. Me and my BFF ‘K’ used to play with them after school.

So I started looking online to try to find some more of her favorites.

After all, she already has:



January 21, 2008

If it weren’t for this coolness, I’d have nothing to say….


Thank you Canadian Flake for such an honor!

You simply must go read the super nice things this woman has said about me. My family doesn’t even say things like this…

I truly am thankful.

I’m supposed to send this out to people…but honestly, I’d like to send it to all of you!

So, I’m only picking three women who have truly been so loving to me in personal e-mails and comments and just all around full hearted, sincerity…

Cate, you gorgeous woman you. I don’t even have the words to express how awesome I think you are. The way you spread love is infectious and I adore you wholeheartedly.

Rachel, you too sistah. I am always amazed by your heart and love. It pours out of you in your comments and in your blog. Ia m so grateful to have ‘met’ you.

Margaret, you have supported me in e-mails and comments and just by being so truly sweet. You make me want to fly to you right now and give you a super duper hug. I can NOT wait to meet you in person when I finally get to the ‘south’…

Girls, you so rock.

Friends, you all rock, but it’s Monday and I’m still asleep from the crazy weekend I had. You can ignore me if you wish, I know I have been a terrible blogger friend lately. And I haven’t been as faithful as I would like to be in reading your blogs…I am trying so hard to get back into it again.

I love you all dear friends…


Royally Grateful!

December 31, 2007


First of all…what Rachel said about me is amazing. Then I get the actual award. How cool?

Thank you my sweet blog friend. I am so happy to get to share 2008 with you.

Since I was sick all Christmas, this makes getting better in 2008 so much more fun.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year’s Eve and a fantastically special 2008.

I am grateful to ‘know’ all of you.

You are all Royal Bananas!


I’d like to pose a question.

December 18, 2007

Okay, I met this mom recently at Fa’s school. She’s someone who is very smart and very together…Most of the time. I like her. I have even let Fa go there for a playdate after school…by herself. In her car. (A first!) I don’t trust anyone.

And the kid has come here once after school on her own. The two kids like each other.

Turns out, this woman’s mom is ill and her husband works. She had to go be with her mom in another country…and she has left her daughter (Fa’s age) with me after school last Friday and again this Monday from about 12pm to 3pm.

Now, she has asked if I can do it again the rest of the week because she won’t be home for at least another week. I told her and her husband I could do Today and Friday. However, Thursday and Friday the kids are off from school so that means I would have her daughter ALL DAY on Friday.

If I wanted two kids, I’d have them.

And I refuse to do all week. I just know my limits, you know?

I really don’t know these people all that well. We just met. And my initial vibe was that I liked her.

Here’s my question:
Am I being taken advantage of?

When is enough enough?

Am I being too negative?



Fuck a Duck

December 6, 2007

I say it all the time.

Then I looked it up on the all knowing internet.

Urban Dictionary shows the wonderful tune it orignates from. Shall we teach our chillins this song?

Then, there’s a multitude of ways to use my favorite word: Fuck.

In my wanderings along the internetz…I found this site. Awesome. Look at the header. Ha!

And as I clicked along…I realized someone’s statcounter is gonna have the search “Fuck a duck” on it…Great. That’s me. Hi.

Wanna know what led people to me (at Gaining Balance)?

  • mom feels trapped‘ in Stratford, Connecticut. Hi! Me too sometimes. Great, how THAT search comes right to me.
  • one song, glory‘ in Ohio, Fremont..I know doesn’t it give you chills?
  • went to buy panties‘ in Singapore. The granny’s are universal.
  • wearing black t-shirt with brown belt‘ in Pennsylvania, State College…If you’re looking for my fashion advice. Don’t match the shirt with your belt, match your shoes with your belt…But that’s just me. I’m afraid the generation gap may lead us to disagree…Unless you’re a karate man. ‘Cause Karate man bruise on the inside…but they’re belts are different.
  • peed pants authority‘ in Tel Aviv. I am one, thank you. And welcome to my classroom.
  • I can’t seem to get my tampon in‘ in Maine, New Gloucester. I’m so sorry. Did you try squatting, or using a smaller one? Are you sure you’re a woman?
  • fall teeth lip blood‘ in Etela-suomen Laani, Tampere, Finland…Where the hell? What the hell?
  • refuse breast exams‘ in Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium..Honey, just Do It!!!
  • ‘caught wearing bloomers’ in UK… I hope they were clean! And who caught you?
  • ‘tampons come out curved’ in England, London, United Kingdom (Keele Univ.) – Yeouch!
  • I’ve been ‘crawled by a googlebot in NY quite a lot…should I be worried?
  • And I have many NY readers apparently…Come out and say hi…otherwise, I think you’re creepy.

You know what this really tells me…I’m not being Freaky-Deaky enough…I need to start talking poo and junk. Ha!

***Thanks Slackermommy!





November 5, 2007

I am fabulous!

That is according to Slacker-Mom of course…But I’ll take it.

I’m really starting to get a swelled head.

I think I’ll celebrate!

Go forth and “fabulize”:

Mamma Loves

Jeez, there’s so many more…but I just have to be fabulous and have no more time to link….
Then, after I put this little post together I got a comment from Karen (She has a great blog title “Lyrics of My Life”) who awarded me with this:We met through comments and then discovered our connection in our love for the play RENT!
So, I’m going to send it on over to a few of my lyrical blog friends too!


Love you ALL!


Baby Boy

October 25, 2007

It’s raining and cold today. There’s a fall chill in the air.

I just dropped Fa off at school.

As I was waiting to get gas, I saw them. Waiting. In the rain.

Her in flip flops, him in the papoose around her. No hat, no blanket to shield him from the elements. Just them. Standing.

I had the heat of the car keeping me warm and dry. I had a full tank…I pretty much have all I need. Amazing how life is.

I couldn’t stand seeing them getting soaked.

I offered her a ride.

They were going to a train station not all that far away by car. But by bus, it would have taken three transfers.

She accepted gratefully.

I didn’t have the proper car seat for him so I drove slowly and carefully trying to gleam some sort of information from her and some sort of protection for us all from whatever guides me.

He’s a month old. She only speaks Spanish. Luckily, I understand more than I think I do.

The mother in me took over and I took her to her destination. I left her with my very best Espanol…”Vaya adentro con ese muchacho del bebĂ©…Tenga cuidado!”

I hope that baby boy is okay.