Our newest story…

January 16, 2008

This is Fa’s latest publication called “The Happy Ladybug”. I love this story so much because it really shows how much she’s grown artistically. Okay. I know, the story structure needs work. But how friggin’ hysterical is the whole thing? She really put all of her effort into this…I swear I didn’t help her with anything but transcribing her thoughts!

Front Cover (Title and author)
(She drew all the pictures and narrated the story, I wrote down her words.)

(First there was a Happy Ladybug. Along came a cat.)

(Then, a frog ate flies on his lily pad. Then, along came a dog eating food in his blue bowl.)

(A cow drinking milk joined the party. A girlfriend doggy (look at the eyelashes) was minding her own business and running in the grass.)

(Just look at her udders. Hysterical! I can’t stand it!)

(A rainy day happened! Then, the rain went away and a sunny day came!)

(All the animals came out and played tag. A birdy joined in the game of tag. He said, “Can I come and play tag with you guys?” A snail came and slimed around in the garden.) (She used quotations!)

(A mouse was walking in the street and he was very careful by a car. All the friends went home for snack and played happily ever after.)

See, it’s moments like this that make it all worth while.

Makes staying up all night, just a smidgen easier.


  1. That’s outstanding. I hope you keep that somewhere in a very safe place so you can show it to her years from now.

  2. That was amazing!

  3. That is an awesome book. Go, Fa!

  4. The art is PHENOMENAL! I so love how creative she is! It is so these little things that make it a little easier eh?

  5. Thanks for sharing this. That was so fantastic to see. I love how kids are so imaginative and that what they think of is so interesting. Thanks for a smile to start my day.

  6. wow, that’s terrific! i’m impressed!

    i can’t wait till Zander starts drawing his stories! for now, i will just listen to his stories (mainly consisting of Thomas engines), and watch him draw circles! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. She’s a genius!

  8. Aw, that is so sweet! And the pictures are very good, too!

  9. that is the cutest ever!


  10. Awww! I love kiddie art and stories!

  11. That is so adorable. What a creative little darling she is! Thank you for sharing that with us! You need to get it laminated and then re-bind it so it won’t crumble or get torn over time. What a treasure!!

  12. wow wtg Fa…this girl is destined for greatness and we all will be able to say we knew her when she used a “princess potty”..lmao.

  13. That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

  14. How do I get an autographed copy?

    Fabulous book. Absolutely FA-BULOUS!!

  15. That is absolutely adorable! The artwork was priceless.

  16. It’s absolutely beautiful! I love children’s artwork. I keep all my kids stuff in big tubs in the basement. We are going to have a good laugh someday especially since some of their people drawings look like a penis or vagina.

  17. I’m lovin’ the artwork! Adorable!!!
    Is this story after the Grouchy Ladybug?

  18. These are actually REALLY good! I thought my daughter was a good artist but yours is even better. I think our girls are the same age (4) but out of curiosity when during the year does fa turn 5?

  19. That is TOO cute! These are the kind of times a momma’s heart melts! Keep it forever….

  20. That is fabulous! My favorite is the “girlfriend doggy!” Thank you so much for the friendship award. I posted it today. You and Fa are two cool chicks!

  21. Aaaaaaw! What an awesome imagination she has there!

  22. So many animals all eating snacks! Whoever was hosting that party better have a big spread!

  23. Awww, what’s cuter -the pictures or your new header! Sorry I haven’t clicked over from Google Reader and seen it earlier.

    I’m such a slacka! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mwah to JJ!

  24. That’s awesome! I love it.

  25. this is just like having a communal fridge.
    (isn’t that where we all hang our kids and grandkids art?)

  26. Fa is the cutest!

  27. I loved it! That is so adorable!

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